The industry standard self-test for players

By taking a position on 15 claims regarding their gambling, players get a detailed analysis about their gambling behaviour, as well as recommendations on how to gamble safely. By providing the test online or at points of sale, gaming operators can help their players avoiding risky gambling behaviour.

GamTest is the result of years of research. Unlike other self-tests, GamTest takes into consideration five dimensions of players’ gambling, making it possible to achieve more accurate, detailed feedback.


Intelligent analysis

The test analyses the player’s consumption of time and money, emotional and economical consequences as well as their friends’ and families’ reactions to their gambling behaviour. More than 240 different feedback texts are available.


Your company’s look and feel

The test’s appearance – colours, images, typography – can be customised so that it becomes an integral part of the operator’s website.


Validated and evaluated

A study from 2009 featuring seven Nordic gaming operators and over 20,000 players. The study confirmed that GamTest’s analyses correspond well with the players’ own understanding of their gambling habits. In short: GamTest works.


See how your players are doing

GamTest’s administration tools make it possible for the operators to monitor how players are affected by their gambling. This information can provide operators with a firm basis on which to base future responsible gambling decisions.


Runs anywhere

The test will run in any web browser, regardless of device type, operating system and screen size.


Unique collaboration, unique tool


Since 2006, Sustainable Interaction has been involved in the production of Playscan, a software solution that helps responsible gaming operators to detect unhealthy gambling behaviour among their players. The solution informs players about their individual gambling behaviour, and if their risk level changes players are guided towards helpful tools and information on how to stay in control.

Playscan is the innovative result of interaction between three fields: behavioural science, advanced technology and communication. The creative collaboration between Playscan AB and Sustainable interaction is simple. It’s a joint initiative to create a sustainable gaming market.

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Online Self-help Programmes

Can be as efficient as traditional therapy

Sustainable Interaction’s self-help programmes are based on a solid theoretical base of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Theory) and MI (Motivational Interviewing). Sustainable Interaction has been developing and operating Internet-based self-help programmes since 2003. Our own evaluation and experience along with research have shown that online treatment can be as efficient as traditional therapy.

So far SI has developed programmes for gambling, gaming and the progressive disease multiple sclerosis. The self-help programme for gamblers and gamers is aimed at those who have a wish to control or limit their gambling – or stop gambling altogether. After an initial screening, the user works through the programme independently, with or without the assistant of a therapist. The programme includes different media elements to clarify and aid the user. There are several features to guide users through the programme and keep them motivated.

For gaming operators:

Provide real, evaluated resources for your customers
SI can provide therapists on request
No technical integration required
Annual license fee

For therapists:

Provide treatment online
Manage your clients with an effective tool
We provide guidance and training
Annual license fee