Interactive online conflict training for the municipality of Eksjö


Sustainable Interaction has together with psychologist Alexander Tilly developed a digital education to handle conflict and hostility within the work environment.

We have collaborated with psychologist Alexander Tilly to develop an online interactive education for the municipality of Eksjö, with focus on conflict, threat and violence. Through our collaborations, we strive to produce world-leading educational content within the field, and our educations are based on theory as well as real scenarios as identified by our customers. We believe this education to also be of value for other municipalities as well as the security sector and HVB homes.

Within many work fields, the problems related to conflict, violence and hostility are increasing. Modern crisis research shows that human hostility affects us stronger than any other type of event. A threatening event could have major consequences both for the individual, colleagues and for the employer in the form of fear and insecurity, or increased sick leave amongst staff. 

Alexander Tilly is one of Sweden’s leading experts within the area. He regularly holds courses, seminars and workshops and is hired by private companies as well as authorities and county councils, and works within multiple industries. With more than 20 years worth of experience when it comes to handle hostility in the work place, he is often praised for his capacity to turn theory into useful practice while truly engaging his audience. In 2014, his book about how to prevent threat and violence at work was nominated to Work Environment Book of the Year. 

When we developed the education for the municipality of Eksjö, our mission was to provide the necessary tools to prevent and handle conflict and hostile situations. The course contained a combination of digital, interactive content followed by seminars with Alexander Tilly where the participants could apply the new knowledge on their own real-life experiences in the workplace. The combination has proved to be very effective in accomplishing real and sustainable change.

The participants responded very positively to the education, and many recommended it to other municipalities.

Some participants commented:

It was very good, both the course and the seminar. All employees should be given the chance to attend. Now I think about what I’m doing, and how we could do things differently.

Very good, innovative education. It was great to have so many participants, and the pedagogical repetition was useful. I could watch it several times. The seminar’s structure was good, as well as the follow-up. It felt good to be able to look at your “own” cases as a starting point. Urgent and important with concrete actions. Good.

Great to be able to sit comfortably by my own computer, and decide when I want to attend the education. It was very interesting and educational. The seminar was very good, clear and concrete presentation from different angles.

At Sustainable Interaction, we develop and provide customized interactive courses and digital tools, specializing in security, responsibility and communication. Our broad competence covers both the latest within interactive media as well as psychology. The focus of our educational content can for instance be on day-to-day communication, risk and threat assessment, understanding conflict, or support in crisis. Participants can attend the digital education comfortably on their own tablet, computer or smartphone, whenever and wherever they like.

Interactive training site for Atlantic Lottery retailers


Delivering education and awareness programs around informed player choice is core to Atlantic Lottery's success. At the heart of everything Atlantic Lottery does is Corporate Social Responsibility which includes our commitment to responsible gambling.

Atlantic Lottery are committed to supporting their retailers in the responsible delivery of lottery to players.  Over the past two years, they have replaced and upgraded all video lottery terminals and launched a new lottery gaming system. It is critical that Atlantic Lottery offer their retailers the tools and resources needed to successfully manage their new lottery program. In partnership with Sustainable Interaction, Atlantic Lottery designed an interactive site to provide their retailers with current lottery information and training materials to help them manage their daily lottery operations. Sustainable Interaction even took it a step further and Atlantic Lottery launched a mobile version of the site that retailers and their employees can access on smartphones or tablets.

 Throughout the site Atlantic Lottery review some of their key policies, rules and regulations that govern video lottery operations. Atlantic Lottery have incorporated content and videos to share their story, responsible gambling program and commitment to offering regulated products throughout Atlantic Canada. This site is also a great tool to help in training new employees.

Atlantic Lottery’s retailers can now get lottery info 24 hours a day on their computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Videos & photos
  • Interactive tools
  • Terminal maintenance guides
  • Accounting tips and reporting
  • Game information & downloadable reference documents
  • Content and videos available in both English & French

The training program is designed to be as interactive as possible. Sustainable Interaction utilizes questions, reflections and active choices to engage our employees. They also incorporate videos, photos, sounds, speech and text combined with different presentation methods to present every topic in the best way possible.

Employees have responded positively to the training. One employee commented:

We are very excited about the online program and have been receiving very positive feedback!  It was a very challenging project, mainly due to the launch of the mobile version of the site but in the end we have a great tool for retailer training. Great work Sustainable Interaction!

Paula Seward, Sales Support Specialist at Atlantic Lottery

Red Shores Racetrack & Casino Employee Online Responsible Gambling Training


Atlantic Lottery/Red Shores is committed to delivering safe and responsible gambling (RG) experiences. In keeping with this commitment, we collaborated with Sustainable Interaction to develop a scenario-based online RG training program, which is mandatory for all Red Shores employees and focuses on casino-specific situations.

The program launched in January 2015 and it is intended to support casino employees who have direct interactions with players and face unique situations related to RG.

 The goal of the training is to better equip our casino employees with the necessary tools and training to address these common RG scenarios. The 30-minute program includes information and tools regarding:

  • How the games work
  • Handling potential under-age play situations
  • Learning how to recognize the warning signs of problem gambling
  • Tips on how to offer customers information about community resources specializing in problem gambling

The training program is designed to be as interactive as possible. Sustainable Interaction utilizes questions, reflections and active choices to engage our employees. They also incorporate videos, photos, sounds, speech and text combined with different presentation methods to present every topic in the best way possible.

Employees have responded positively to the training. One employee commented:

That was an amazing program. Loved the Red Shores training. The content was excellent and I think shooting it at Red Shores and having Red Shores employees deliver some content added huge value. Great job!

Interactive training for Loterie Romande


Raising employees’ and retailers’ awareness about preventing and combating problem gambling forms a cornerstone of Loterie Romande’s Responsible Gaming programme. On this score, we devised a series of new interactive training modules for Loterie Romande’s staff and sales network.

New certification for all members of staff…

The first section, which is wholly dedicated to the company’s social responsibility, highlights how development of Loterie Romande’s business and social responsibility must go hand in glove with each other so as to cement the company’s legitimacy at the same time as furthering the general public’s confidence in Loterie Romande. The second section focuses particularly on Responsible Gaming itself and how problem gambling should be averted.

…and for all the retailers!

The material aimed at retailers places particular emphasis on those challenging situations retailers might encounter on their premises, helping and encouraging them to respond to these by handling them appropriately. The course also offers practical advice along with reliable tools aimed at enabling retailers to cope with issues associated with problem gambling most effectively and at ensuring Responsible Gaming guidelines are complied with throughout Loterie Romande’s sales network.

Interviews, role-play exercices and videos clips make the trainings realistic and user-friendly. Within two weeks all our employees had done the training and 90% of our sales network had completed the training three months after the launch. The trainings give a very dynamic and positive image of Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Gaming.

Bettina Di Lello, CSR Manager at Loterie Romande

Training in responsible gambling for Miljonlotteriet


Since late 2013, employees at the Swedish gaming company Miljonlotteriet have been able to participate in our online training programme about responsible gambling.

The programme consists of two sections. One general section that covers responsible gambling, the gaming market and regulations in Sweden, as well as how gaming companies, through consistent work, can prevent gambling problems occurring among their players.

The second section of the training programme puts the spotlight on Miljonlotteriet itself and how they, in their daily activities, work with responsible gaming issues. From the development of new products and marketing, to various player tools available on their website.

In order to offer a clearer insight in work on responsible gambling, Miljonlotteriet has decided to go one step further in being transparent as an organisation and now is offering the online training programme to its stakeholders.

The training process, from start until implementation, was smoother than we could have imagined. The training has been rated highly by our staff, the importance of always making responsible decisions has become clear to everyone and everybody now feels more confident about how to deal with questions asked about Miljonlotteriet and our view of responsible gambling.

Mattias Westholm, SVP at Miljonlotteriet

Responsible gambling training programme for Lottomatica's retailers


June 2013 saw the start of the process to train Lottomatica’s Video Lottery and General retailers in Italy on our online training programme in responsible gambling.

According to Gennaro Schettino, SVP of Institutional Relation, Public Affairs and Media Communication at Gtech - Lottomatica:

“The POS is the best place for us to make both players and retailers aware of responsible gamling. That’s why Lottomatica is so committed to POS education. In 2013, in order to make its retailers’ network training more structured, systematic, consistent and high-quality, GTECH-Lottomatica opted for an e-learning training programme based on three objectives: preventing underage gambling, preventing problem gambling and supporting problem players

The project has been very demanding because of the scope of the network, differences among the diverse points of sale and the abundance of legislation. It was also demanding encouraging retailers to take the course (it was not mandatory), but once they were in the platform and took it, they were very satisfied and considered it very useful for their daily actions.”

Environmental training for Svenska Spel


Swedish gaming company Svenska Spel wanted to train their staff members in the importance of taking acting in an environment-friendly way, and we helped them out.

Svenska Spel has been working on environmental issues for several years and has an environmental plan in place that pervades all departments in the company.

One of the many strategies that Svenska Spel wanted to inform its employees about is the opportunity to use videoconference rooms instead of flying or driving to meetings. This would make an impact both economically and environmentally, as well as saving a lot of time.

All employees at Svenska Spel are now aware of the company’s environmental work, and are better equipped to make sound environmental decisions in the workplace as well as at home.

We believe that the choices we make have a bearing on what our future will look like. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Svenska Spel's work to create a more sustainable company has taken several years, but there is so much more we can and should do. To be truly successful in achieving environmental sustainability, everyone at Svenska Spel needs to assume responsibility for their own part in the process. With the help of Sustainable Interaction we are now able to communicate this message and vision to all our employees.

Zenita Strandänger, CSR Director at Svenska Spel