Training that inspires

Interactive & video-based, made by experts

Experience shows time and time again that training is a great first step in implementing change in an organisation. Our courses are always based on research and expert knowledge, presented in the most inspiring and motivational manner possible.

The content of our online training programmes is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. Some sections are general and can be used regardless of business, but we can also produce sections tailored exclusively to your needs. For example, we can produce video sections produced on your premises, theory sections covering your policies or interviews with key people within your organisation.

Course participants can study when they want and choose their own pace. Every participant has a personal account and is thus able to log in from any computer. Learning online is not only simple to participate in and easy to administer - it is also cost-effective compared with traditional alternatives.

The training platform contains functionality for evaluation and attitude measurements that ensures high quality and relevant content. All statistics and functionality are available to anyone with administration rights. The system that controls the online training programme is dynamic, which means that it is easy to make changes if something has to be updated or supplemented.

Furthermore, our online training programmes are developed to handle several groups and roles. The administrator can easily decide which participants should have access to which sections, and what should be demanded from different groups in order to pass.

More than 50,000 people have taken our courses.


Video, animation and interactivity

Our online training programme consist of videos and interactive content such as interviews, stories, quizzes, animated content and interactive applications.


Expert knowledge

Our courses are always based on current research and feature interviews with experts in their respective fields.


Keep track of individuals

All courses include an administration system which gives you complete control of who has completed the course and the facility to extract reports, evaluation data and statistics.


Runs anywhere

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a computer, tablet or smartphone – you can access our courses anywhere, anytime.


Measure the effect

All course participants’ are asked attitude questions before and after the courses, making it possible to measure the effect of the training programme.


No installation required

As all courses are hosted at our servers, your IT organisation can sit back and relax. We do the technical stuff for you.

Sustainable Interaction provided the online education
that won Atlantic Lottery a Gold Quill award in 2012