How can we help you?

Advisory services

We have more than 20 years’ experience of issues relating to sustainability and responsibility, and we can advise you on matters such as writing guidance, policy documents at the strategic level or the implementation of practical processes for sustainability. Central elements of our work are transparency and measurability. We want to be able to see the impact of sustainability initiatives and to learn from each process step.

Communication strategy

Almost all strategies and decisions result in communication of some sort. Our experience is that sustainability initiatives are never any better than the communication used to embed and implement them. Our focus is always to focus on the target audience (stakeholders).

Live training

We offer live training and lectures in all areas within which we operate: CSR, gambling, conflict management, Motivational Interviewing and customer care. We are happy to tailor courses to match your requirements.

Treatment & tutoring

We have worked with online treatment, advice and guidance for more than 15 years and we are happy to provide guidance and advice for customer groups, therapists and counsellors.